Little Things You Should Know — Issue #1

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Kent Langley

Saturday Edition | 2021.08.28

In an amazing episode of Everyday Astronaut Elon Must was interviewed by Tim Dodd. During one of the parts of the interview, Musk explains and Dodd extracts these five rules.

1 — Make your requirements less dumb

All requirements must come with a human name because accountability is a Must

2 — Try and delete part(s) of the process

If you are not occasional adding things back, you didn’t delete enough — 10% of the time

If you CANNOT DO THIS you are in a lot of trouble long term

3 — Simplify OR Optimize

Don’t optimize things that should not exist in the first place. If you are doing that, you probably skipped steps to get to this one.

4 — Accelerate Cycle Time

  • You want to go faster but don’t skip steps. And, don’t try to go through these steps backward. You cannot speed up something that is not yet optimized or simplified for example.

5 — Automate

If you do this before you do the others you will waste time and money. Don’t try to automate first. It’s just good sense!

Watch the Video (6:17) for more and additional insights

Amazingly A.I’s are being granted patent rights and becoming members of DAO’s to distribute the value of those rights to forward-looking communities of people.

There are no meaningful barriers to this kind of thing moving forward at a breakneck pace.

Watch the Video (6:42) to learn how this happened, what was patented, and more.

Val Kilmer lost his voice to cancer. He found a way to get it back. This was a breakout story and very inspirational.

Watch the Video (6:14) to see not only how Val Kilmer got his voice back but also how you can use similar technologies easily and cheaply.

Did you know that there is now an economically incentivized way that affords normal users the ability to store data persistently and likely forever? Well, there is now. It’s called

Watch the Video (7:54) going over Filecoin and IPFS. Learn about a few related services.

It’s time for everyone, every single person on earth, to learn about all the ways we can live regeneratively on planet Earth so it’s well managed for future generations.

In my research, over the last few years I happened upon this pseudo-online-course and it is a wealth of information worth the time to dive deep.

Watch the Video (3:03) and immerse yourself into days worth of extremely valuable regenerative and sustainability content.

Yes, you read that right. Robots are now doing Parkour better than you. Okay, better than most of you.

Boston Dynamics has been at it again and created a very impressive display of robot Parkour.

Seriously though, it’s not quite up to the level of the best humans bust most people could not likely replicate what this robot is doing in this video.

Watch the Video (4:06) of a Robot autonomously doing things that, if you tried, would likely make you fall on your head and hurt yourself. I put a fun treat in the beginning for you.

Can I really say enough about this one? No. Not really. Roam Research is an incredible implementation of the long-needed solution to the capture of thoughts in a way that mirrors the connections in the human mind.

The 2-way linked graph that is created through the proper use of Roam Research is crazy cool.

On the surface, it’s an outliner note-taker. As you learn how to leverage the many powerful features it is much, much more.

Watch the Video (7:08) for how I use it in a simple day to day, but powerful use case.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you probably saw the release of OpenAI’s CODEX transformer model. This is, finally, some serious business for automatic code generation in several languages for general-purpose programming. This is absolutely nothing like anything you’ve seen before. The web is already full of incredible examples of what people are doing with CODEX. As my eleven-year-old likes to say, search it up!

Watch the Video (3:34) as I show a live demonstration from the team.

ExO Insight is a wonderful new online publication written by the community members of OpenExO. I’m a co-Founder and COO of OpenExO for full disclosure. But, it’s not about me. It’s about the incredible article that a community of over 8200 people is posting daily. So, please visit ExO Insight and learn about exponential technologies, the ExO Model, and exponential transformation.

The OpenExO community is all about transformation and impact. You’ll want to check that community out as well.

Watch the Video 1 (2:50) and Video 2 (4:50)