Elon Musk was recently on a show called Everyday Astronaut on Youtube. It was an excellent three-part series.

One part, in particular, caught my attention. It was when he talked about his five rules for getting important things done. Episode 10 explores this one segment. They really made an impact on me and similarly, on others, I’ve shared them with further. So, sharing with everyone!

I have distilled those into a 5-minute video here. These are really good and well worth the time. Links to the source are in the description.

Shout out to the Everyday Astronaut and, of course, Elon Musk for all he is doing for humanity.

Little Things You Should Know | Ep 10

In this episode of #LTYSK, we marvel at the artificial intelligence that helped Val Kilmer regain his true voice.

And, as a bonus, I show you one way it can be done with a tool called Descript and a pro feature called Overdub.

Then, I wax poetic briefly on the purpose of technology. You don’t want to miss that!

Little Things You Should Know | Ep 8 | Val’s Voice

Figure 1: Decision Making isn’t just reading the tea leaves.

Decision-making is a complicated process, and most people and companies do not have the will to implement rigorous decision-making protocols. Also, it’s not just guessing or following your gut. Those can be valid inputs to the decision making but if we don’t do better than that, we’re just reading the…

Watching the entire world discover zoom is interesting. About 7 years ago, when it came out, I started using it as my primary video-conferencing application. It’s was and is an excellent piece of software. It displaced WebX in my life immediately when it was released. Over time it took over…


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This is the tale of two paths that converged in a Mexican beach town, Mazatlan Mexico. …

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