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Kent Langley

Saturday Edition | 2021.08.28

Elon Musk’s Five Rules

In an amazing episode of Everyday Astronaut Elon Must was interviewed by Tim Dodd. During one of the parts of the interview, Musk explains and Dodd extracts these five rules.

1 — Make your requirements less dumb

All requirements must come with a human name because accountability is a Must

2 — Try and…

Elon Musk was recently on a show called Everyday Astronaut on Youtube. It was an excellent three-part series.

One part, in particular, caught my attention. It was when he talked about his five rules for getting important things done. Episode 10 explores this one segment. They really made an impact on me and similarly, on others, I’ve shared them with further. So, sharing with everyone!

I have distilled those into a 5-minute video here. These are really good and well worth the time. Links to the source are in the description.

Shout out to the Everyday Astronaut and, of course, Elon Musk for all he is doing for humanity.

Little Things You Should Know | Ep 10

In this episode of #LTYSK, we marvel at the artificial intelligence that helped Val Kilmer regain his true voice.

And, as a bonus, I show you one way it can be done with a tool called Descript and a pro feature called Overdub.

Then, I wax poetic briefly on the purpose of technology. You don’t want to miss that!

Little Things You Should Know | Ep 8 | Val’s Voice

My wife likes French things, speaks French beautifully, even sounds a little French at times. It's because she went to a French school for quite a while.

I've been dreaming of getting a Tesla Model X P100D for a while. It's way better than a mini-van and my Volvo XC60. We don't need two cars anymore so you know, it's everything we need in one!

Back to France though, I saw this interesting video from France in about 1890 recently. Take a moment to watch, so interesting to see how things were then.

In a particular segment, there were…

Tim Mossholder via Unsplash

If not stymied by existing stakeholders, the study and evolution of an organization to a DAO is a natural progression. Becoming a DAO can even be an alternative to going public or getting rolled up by a private equity firm.

This is a summary of a full post that was published to ExO Insight on 8 July 2021. To read the full post please visit the link below.

A new form of organization is joining the time-test ranks of organizational types that the world has seen. This one is called a Distributed Autonomous Organization ("DAO").

A DAO is effectively a…

The More they stay the same

This charming bit of propaganda crossed my Twitter feed today. It’s a cartoon from 121 years ago; 5 human generations prior to today.

Credit goes to this guy on Twitter.

Further, I recently learned that in the year 1909, Charles Péguy, a French

Figure 1: Decision Making isn’t just reading the tea leaves.

Decision-making is a complicated process, and most people and companies do not have the will to implement rigorous decision-making protocols. Also, it’s not just guessing or following your gut. Those can be valid inputs to the decision making but if we don’t do better than that, we’re just reading the tea leaves (Fig. 1). There are many possible protocols, and none are a silver bullet for all decision making, but any company or person that cannot master decision making is doomed to meander and not achieve their full potential.

One of the most insidious examples of poor decision-making is the…

This is a great example of a noble purpose, "organize the world's information," applied in such a way to defeat the purpose.

Watching the entire world discover zoom is interesting. About 7 years ago, when it came out, I started using it as my primary video-conferencing application. It’s was and is an excellent piece of software. It displaced WebX in my life immediately when it was released. Over time it took over Skype and others before that. The founder of Zoom, Eric Yuan, worked for Cisco / WebX before he left and founded Zoom.

One of the reasons Zoom has been so superior from the start is its peer to peer networking. …


Kent and Kyle are the authors of this post. Medium doesn’t seem to have a way to co-author stuff so there you go!

This is the tale of two paths that converged in a Mexican beach town, Mazatlan Mexico. We were there working for a large company just at the very beginning of their journey of digital transformation.

My good friend Kyle Hermans and I met while we were both working on a private program for Singularity University. I have my talk on Artificial Intelligence and Data. …

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